Collie - Frequently Asked Questions

Any puppies available? How much are adoption fees? When can I receive my puppy? Our puppy page is kept current to within a few days. Adoption fees range from $500 to $1300 for a collie companion pup. In most cases, pups are a minimum of 8 weeks before they are ready for new homes.

How do I know my pup is healthy? Do you check for "collie eye"? We have all AKC puppies examined by a board-certified ophthalmologist if needed. We also have all puppies visit our regular vet who examines them for general health and vigor. He also checks for congenital defects including hernias, luxating patellas and heart defects. All puppies receive appropriate vaccinations. We offer a one year written health guarantee. We are always available to answer questions about your puppy's health after he/she is in your home. We include instructions on care, feeding and all appropriate paperwork from the above examinations.

How do we purchase a puppy? Call or email to tell us of your decision. We will quickly respond in the manner by which you contacted us. To secure your puppy choice, a $200 down payment is required. Deposits are non-refundable after pups are 2 weeks of age. The balance of puppy cost, plus any shipping expense, is due before travel. Most forms of payment are accepted. If using PayPal , add 3% of PayPal payment to cover transaction fee.

What about shipping? Air travel is best for long distances. After years of experience, we can confidently say that puppies fly amazingly well. The stress of air travel is short-lived and no worse than car stress. Air travel cost is $400 to most major airports. We normally fly out of the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. Travel expenses look like this: $275 air fare, $25 travel crate, $50 "Interstate Health and Acclimation" veterinarian certification, $50 mileage to Mpls. If total shipping cost varies by more than $25, we will send a refund, or charge you, accordingly. If you are within driving distance to central Minnesota, you may pick up your puppy yourself.

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